Raw Dairy Yoghurt

raw dairy

Currently Raw dairy cannot be sold legally for human consumption in Australia. It is only sold as Bath Milk and Body Cream to be used topically only.

Some Aussie’s consume raw dairy that they source from their own healthy cattle. This recipe is for them and all the other followers in legal raw dairy countries and states across the globe (Kehoe’s Kitchen now has followers across 20 countries and 16 languages!!!).

I contemplated calling this recipe ’Body Yoghurt’, as I don’t want any trouble, but that would confuse people. If you’re not allowed to buy it in your country/ state refer to Dairy Yoghurt for a recipe that won’t land you or me in the lock up.


2.5 L full fat raw milk* (grass fed/organic/A2)
500ml full fat raw yoghurt (grass fed/organic/A2), or powder starter (use 3L of milk)


I regularly make a large 3L batch of yoghurt so I can then drip half to make labnah and whey. I do this using method 1 below using my small slow cooker and my Excalibur dehydrator. If doing smaller batches I just use glass jars and the dehydrator and reduce ingredient ratios accordingly as per method 2.

IMG_72871 Slow Cooker and Dehydrator method

Pour cold milk and yoghurt into slow cooker and cover with lid.
Turn slow cooker to high temperature to warm the to 37-43 deg c (110 deg F).
Check temperature regularly, this should take between 45 mins to 1 hour, whisk to combine well.
Remove pot from heating base and place on a tea towel in your dehydrator at 37 deg for 24 hours.
Remove tea towel after about an hour or if going out.
Remove pot from dehydrator and leave on bench for 30mins to cool to room temperature.
Place in fridge to set overnight.
Once yogurt is set, ladle into glass jars or you can drip to make you own cultured cream cheese, AKA Labnah.

IMG_72762 Dehydrator only method:

Pour milk into glass jars and whisk in the live yoghurt or starter powder to combine well. Cover with lids.
Place jars in the dehydrator.
Set temperature to 43 deg C and check temp every 30 minutes.
When it reaches 43 deg, whisk again and replace lids (it will combine thoroughly now that it’s warm).
Turn heat down to 37 deg C and set the timer for 24 hours min.
Place glass jars in fridge to set overnight.

* If you don’t have access to raw milk or it’s illegal in your state/country, use my dairy yogurt recipe.

I have found GI Pro start to be the best starter to use when making raw yoghurt to give a thick yoghurt consistency.