Dairy Yoghurt

IMG_6968 We love our natural dairy yoghurt. Most people can tolerate 24 hour cultured dairy as it’s virtually lactose free and the casein is pre-digested. I make it in bulk, 3 L at a time, using my small slow cooker and dehydrator. I make so much, so I can drip half to make Labnah and Whey.


2.5 L full fat milk* (grass fed/organic/A2)
500ml full fat yoghurt (grass fed/organic/A2), or powder starter** (use 3L milk)


Pour milk into slow cooker***, turn to high and heat to 82 deg c (180 deg F), this should take about 2-3 hours depending on you batch size and slow cooker.
Whisk in the live yoghurt or starter.  Turn off heat and allow to cool to 40 deg c. If using a starter, mix it in a small amount of warm milk in a separate small glass first to ensure it is properly dissolved with no lumps.
Remove pot from heating, ladle milk into glass jars and place in your dehydrator at 41 deg for min 24 hours.
Remove from dehydrator place in fridge to set overnight.
Once yogurt is set, you can drip to make you own cultured cream cheese, AKA Labnah and Whey.


* This recipe is for Homogenised/Pasteurised cooked milk. If you decide to use raw milk refer to my Raw Dairy Yoghurt recipe.

** I’m currently using Lysofast yoghurt starter

** I use a slow cooker to gently warm the milk and culture as it reduces the risk of overheating on the stove and getting a lumpy mix with milk over cooked and stuck to saucepan.