Labnah (yoghurt cream cheese) & Whey


Once you’ve made 24 hour dairy yoghurt, it’s very simple to make gorgeous Labnah and Whey. Remember most people can tolerate 24 hour cultured dairy as it’s virtually lactose free and the casein is pre-digested.


1 to 1.5L of yoghurt


Place a clean cloth* over a large glass bowl or jug.

Pour in yoghurt, gather four corners and tie in a knot through overhead kitchen cupboard handle, or over a spoon spanning across a deep pot.

Allow to drip for 4-24 hours until whey is removed to your satisfaction.

You can give it a little squeeze or massage to help speed the process.

You don’t need to place in fridge, unless you are trying to prevent further culturing/sourness, I don’t.

Once cheese is finished dripping, scrape from cloth and store in fridge.

Use as you would normal cream cheese; spread on crackers, celery sticks, drip on pizza, use with fruit and honey to ice cakes or make a dip.

Bottle whey and store in fridge. It will last up to 7 months. This stuff is liquid gold and is used widely for medicinal purposes and culturing, see other cultured recipes for uses.


* I use a unbleached calico or Christmas pudding cloth. These are cheaper and a finer weave than cheese cloth. Do not wash this cloth with chemicals. Just wash in kitchen sink with dish liquid, rinse well and then boil on stove to clean. Don’t worry about stains, they are better than consuming chemicals.