Beef Marshelly


This post is for the GAPSters, if you’re not into broth, fat and gelatin, stop reading now as this one is definitely about hard core healing.  The recipe is a cross between REAL jelly and marshmallow so I named it Marshelly. My kids love this stuff. They ate so much of it during intro, which is probably why they healed so fast. Dr Natasha is right, if your body needs it, you crave it. Gelatin heals leaky guts! It’s basically the Real HC chocolate jelly recipe without skimming the fat. Oh and no honey or cacao on Intro of course. When I make it for them now (not on Intro), I add a little honey or maple syrup to taste. My 4 year old son requests broth or marshelly whenever he’s not well.


1 organic beef marrow bone cut into 4
5 L of spring/filtered water
1 tbsp organic apple cider vinegar


In a large pot place bones, vinegar and water.
Rapid simmer on stove for around 3-4 hours or in slow cooker all day until liquid is reduced to about a quarter of the original volume (5 cups).
Turn off heat and allow cooling for an hour or two until around room temperature.
Sieve broth into Vitamix or other high speed blender.
Scrape marrow and gelatinous material from bones ensuring no bone fragments included, add to blender.
Blend scrapings with broth in high speed blender for a good few minutes until it is thick and fluffy like a smoothie. If it is not thick, the broth may still be too warm.
Pour into glass dishes and pop into freezer for 30mins to set before it separates, then back in fridge.


IMG_6603Here’s a pic of Marshelly Maple Easter Eggs I made. I just added Maple Syrup to taste.  My son said they taste like milk.  They also liked marshelly milkshakes during intro too.