Real HC Chocolate Jelly


This hard-core (HC) version is great for GAPS families as it makes marrow & gelatin a treat. Cacao is not GAPS legal, we currently only have cacao as an occasional treat and this recipe tastes great without it too.


1 Organic beef marrow bone cut into 4
5 Litres of spring/filtered water
1 Tbsp organic apple cider vinegar
4 Tbsp organic cacao
1 Tsp vanilla bean paste
4 Tbsp raw honey


In a large pot, place bones, vinegar and water.
Simmer the pot on stove for 5 hours or in a slow cooker all day until liquid is reduced to about a third of the original volume (7 cups).
Sieve broth into a tall glass container to cool to 40 deg C on bench.
Scrape marrow and gelatinous material from bones ensuring no bone fragments are included, place in fridge until broth cooler.
Once broth is cooled scoop yellow fat from top of broth with a spoon, reserve for frying.
Blend the scrapings with broth in a high speed blender for a good few minutes to ensure
fine particles.
Pass through a fine mesh sieve.
Return 4 cups to blender, use rest in soups etc.
Add honey, cacao and vanilla bean and blend.
Pour it into a jelly dish and leave it in fridge 3-5 hours to set.


Note: Cooling broth to allows cacao and honey to remain raw
and nutritious.