Q: How many Paraflexx sheets do you recommend?
A: I have and use 9.  I recommend buying 5 min, 9 if budget permitts. I use them whenever I’m drying anything wet for the first few hours then remove and flip when dry enough.  I do this to save having to wash the frame and mesh infills after every use.

Q: Why use paraflexx sheets instead of parchment paper?
A: Paraflex sheets are much easier to use than parchment paper as they have weight and stiffness.  This makes it easier to spread out cracker or bread dough onto it without it sliding around and lifting up.  Also they are great for using a biscuit press onto as the biscuits stick to the sheet (instead of pealing off, and lifting the paper).  Great for anything wet like bars, crackers, fruit leather, jerky. I use them for pretty much everything except fruit as they are easier to clean then the mesh trays. Reusable sheets are a greener choice as saving trees and landfill.

Q: What’s the difference between Teflex and Silicon Paraflexx Sheets?
A: Teflex sheets are made of Teflon, I use and recommend silicon sheets from a food safety perspective.

Q: Is a 5 tray dehydrator big enough for domestic use?
A:  I have a 9 tray and it gets used all the time and is full very often for my family of four.  I recommend the 9 tray as it takes up the same footprint for a far greater capacity.  Some items you dry such as curly kale chips or full bananas require two tray spacings, halving your overal tray capacity.  Also if you culture yoghurt in your dehydrator you can still fit 4-5 trays above the jars at the same time.  I also use my dehydrator to reheat meals and defrost meat.  Once you get use to using one, you’ll use it all the time and ditch the microwave (we don’t have one).




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