Cultured Cashew Eggnog Cocktail

egg nog
A cultured cocktail for the whole family…..
I made this dairy free eggnog for the first time this Christmas for my family and they all loved it.  The basic recipe can be enjoyed by the whole family and sometimes I add a splash of Cointreau to the big kids glasses.
My boy doesn’t like yoghurt, but he will drink my cultured eggnog in a heartbeat.

We also like to enjoy it as a quick breakfast entrée if we’re heading out early or meeting friends for brunch.

If you can’t get our cashew yoghurt, just substitute in any yoghurt to make your cultured eggnog.  Refer here for our stockists.


1 jar of Kehoe’s Kitchen Cashew Yoghurt (190ml)
3 free range organic eggs (ensure fresh and not cracked)
1 tsp of vanilla extract
1-2 tsbp of raw organic honey or more to taste
1 cup ice
1 cup of filtered water
ground nutmeg
0-60ml Cointreau


Crack eggs into blender, be sure to check eggs are intact with no cracks in shell.
Add in vanilla extract, ice, water and yoghurt.
Blend until well combined
pour into 4 x 200-250ml glasses
pour in Cointreau if having
sprinkle with ground nutmeg