Dairy Kefir

Dairy Kefir
I love Dairy Kefir because it is so easy to make and so nourishing. Some people stop making yoghurt once they start kefir because of this. I make both to provide a more diverse range of beneficial bacteria in our diet. The probiotics in kefir are stronger than yoghurt. They are a symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria working in harmony to aid digestion and take control of pathogens. Start slow on Kefir as you may have a die off reaction as the colony invades and takes over the pathogens. It’s worth pushing through die off as you’ll soon reap the benefits of a healthier gut.


Nylon Sieve
Wodden spoon
Unbleached cloth, tea towel or coffee filter to cover
Elastic band to fasten cover
2 wide mouth glass jars/jugs for fermenting
2 jars with lid for storing in fridge (one not pictured as it’s in fridge).


500ml to 1L of full fat milk, (raw if possible)
1 to 2 tbsp of kefir grains.


1, Drain kefir milk from previous ferment (or water they came in) into glass jar using funnel and sieve. Use a wooden spoon, do not touch crystals with metal as it weakens them.
2, Cap jar and store in fridge to chill or do a seondary ferment to thicken to curds and whey or to add additional flavours.
3, Add grains to clean wide mouth jar and pour in milk and stir gently.
4, Cover with cloth and fasten with an elastic band or string.
5, Cover with a second dark cloth or leave in a cupboard out of direct sunlight for 12-24 hrs depending on the weather. Keep an eye on the brew and try to catch it before whey starts to seperate.

12-24 hours later repeat steps 1 through 5.