Tomato Free Spag Bol


Here is my tomato, carrot, grain, rice, preservative and BPA free spaghetti bolognaise recipe. It’s GAPS Intro stage 2 and especially for those tomato or nightshade free families who have been missing out.


1kg Organic beef, goat, lamb, venison or kangaroo mince
2 Large brown onions
3 Celery sticks, leaves included
3 Yellow squash
1 beetroot, juiced (50ml), pulp retained.
10 Cloves of garlic
5 Anchovy fillets
1.5 Litre of homemade broth (any flavour)
4 Tbsp chopped oregano
4 Tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley
4 Dried bay leaves
½ Tbsp sea salt
½ Tsp pepper
4 Tbsp organic animal fat
2 zucchinis per person for noodles

You can use any vegetables you like, I just used our GAPS stage 2 safe set.


Wash and roughly chop vegetables. Then finely dice one variety at a time in a food processor including garlic. Don’t mix vegetables as you won’t be able to get a fine dice.
In a large pot fry the onions and celery in fat. Remove from pot, set aside.
Add mince to pot in batches, stir to break up all lumps and cook until browned.
Return onion and celery, to pot.
Add remaining ingredients bar the beet juice and fresh parsley and bring to boil.
Reduce heat and simmer for minimum 1 hour until sauce is reduced and thick, 3 hours gives a great flavour.
30 mins before serving put a large pot of spring or filtered water on to boil (no salt).
Make Zuke noodles.
If sauce is not reduced, turn up heat to reduce.
10 mins before serving add beet juice and parsley to sauce, low simmer for 5 more mins or until beet juice turns red, turn heat off.
Cook zucchini noodles until just cooked, drain well and plate up.
Taste bolognaise, add salt and pepper to taste if required.
Spoon over noodles.