Coconut CREAM Yoghurt

1 coconut cream
I’ve been making yoghurt a few different ways. This is my daughter’s favourite coconut yoghurt recipe and mine too as it is the easiest and really does taste similar to normal vanilla yoghurt to a dairy free dieter.


1 tin of pure coconut cream (room temp).
1/8 tsp yoghurt starter**


Shake tin of coconut cream well, open and pour into jar(s).
Add starter and use a small hand whisk to combine well.
Place in dehydrator for 24hrs at 37 deg C.
Remove from dehydrator, whisk or shake again to recombine as some water will separate at bottom.
Leave in fridge overnight to cool and thicken.


**You can use any yoghurt starter you like. I’m currently using GI Pro Start non-dairy culture.