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Dairy Kefir

Dairy Kefir
I love Dairy Kefir because it is so easy to make and so nourishing. Some people stop making yoghurt once they start kefir because of this. I make both to provide a more diverse range of beneficial bacteria in our diet. The probiotics in kefir are stronger than yoghurt. They are a symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria working in harmony to aid digestion and take control of pathogens. Start slow on Kefir as you may have a die off reaction as the colony invades and takes over the pathogens. It’s worth pushing through die off as you’ll soon reap the benefits of a healthier gut. Continue Reading →

Dairy Yoghurt

IMG_6968 We love our natural dairy yoghurt. Most people can tolerate 24 hour cultured dairy as it’s virtually lactose free and the casein is pre-digested. I make it in bulk, 3 L at a time, using my small slow cooker and dehydrator. I make so much, so I can drip half to make Labnah and Whey. Continue Reading →