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Kefir Soda – Secondary Ferment

IMG_7284The possibility of flavours for the secondary ferment are endless. I experiment with different flavours all the time depending on what fruit I need to use up. If you’re going to use juice, consider using freshly pressed juice as store bought juice inferior in nutrition and usually contains preservatives. I’ve never used just juice as I prefer a milder fruit flavour from fruit pieces with a splash of lemon juice. Fresh citrus juice is easy to add as it doesn’t require you to drag out and wash the juicer every night. I do my kefir brewing every night after dinner. I do a dairy batch, primary water and seconday soda water in around 5 minutes, not much effort really for the reward. Continue Reading →

Water Kefir – Primary Ferment

Water Kefir - Primary FermentWater kefir is a traditional soda that is packed with probiotics. The probiotics in kefir are stronger than yoghurt. They are a symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria working in harmony to aid digestion and take control of pathogens. Start slow on Kefir as you may have a die off reaction as the colony invades and takes over the pathogens. It’s worth pushing through die off as you’ll soon reap the benefits of a healthier gut. Kefir is easy to brew and kids love the bright fizzy drink. I always brew in two stages to keep grains pure and clean. As an added bonus I don’t have to pick fruit from the sieve or rinse the grains. The first ferment, the primary ferment is an aerobic ferment using the grains in straight sugar water. The grains are then sieved out, and started on another primary ferment. The kefir water is bottled and capped for a secondary anaerobic ferment with added fruit. The capping of the bottle creates the Fizz factor. You don’t have to cap if you prefer still. Continue Reading →

Crispy Chicken Skins & Drippings

IMG_7508 - Copy

My boy is absolutely mad for fat and skin. He loves these chips. They are so much healthier than the packet trans fatty acid crisps at the shops and they are so simple to make. I get my organic chicken skins frozen from my local butcher for $8.99/kg.  They save the skins from skinless cuts like chicken breast, thighs and legs that would otherwise be wasted, shame.  This is a great way to use the whole bird, make some crisps and get some liquid gold organic dripping.  Read more about why we eat fats here under the fat paragraph. Continue Reading →

Pork & Yellow Squash Hotpot


I first made this dish while on Stage 2 GAPS intro.  It is such a simple gorgeous meal that it is now a regular in our house. I have made it in the morning and left all day in the slow cooker or made quickly within one hour of serving on the stove. It’s very easy, full of healing ginger, garlic, broth, coriander and plenty of fat. According to Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, the more fat the patient consumes the faster they will heal. Continue Reading →

Coconut Cross Buns


Coconut Cross Buns

Grain, dairy, egg, nut, seed, yeast, soy, sugar, sweetener and fruit free.
GAPS, SCD, Paleo, Gluten Free

These little buns hold together surprisingly well considering they are egg, yeast and gluten free. They are similar to a muffin in texture and are naturally subtly sweet from the coconut, rosewater and cinnamon. Continue Reading →

Chicken & Asparagus Risotto


This is a great comfort food recipe for GAPSters and other grain free dieters missing their rice. I first made this dish while on GAPS intro and found it was easier and quicker than conventional risotto as there was not sweating over the stove stirring and less washing up as it’s a one pot & vitamix dish. Continue Reading →