Paleo Cultured Cacao Cashew Mousse

This decadent dessert ticks all the boxes for me….cultured, superfooods, high fat, antioxidants, wholefoods, raw, dairy free, activated, gluten free….

Actually the biggest tick is that it takes two minutes to make and only dirties the Vitamix (blender) which I use all day every day anyway.

This recipe makes 6 serves. My small ramekins are 7cm dia, and 4 cm high.

Cultured Cacao Mousse


2 jars of Kehoe’s Kitchen Vanilla Cashew Yoghurt (380ml)
125g butter/ghee, coconut oil , Avocado or any combination you like (must be set / fridge chilled)
3 tbsp cacao powder
1 tbsp vanilla extract
80g honey, or more to taste


Measure out all ingredients into your high speed blender.
Ensure butter/coconut oil is set solid straight from the fridge.
Blend on high using tamper to mix well until just combined and smooth and creamy. Don’t blend for too long as the heat can melt the fat and kill the yoghurt bacteria.
Spoon into 6 small ramekins so they are about half filled.
Chill in the fridge for an hour until set.
Serve topped with berries, cacao nibs, chopped activated nuts and seeds, coconut chips, whatever you desire.