I get a lot of questions about GAPS and what we all ate on GAPS Intro.

My family of 4 undertook GAPS intro together and I basically used my Kehoe’s Kitchen facebook page to make a photo diary of all the yummy healthy foods we were enjoying along the way- Yes, ENJOYING!!

spirooli GAPS intro spag bolMy kids loved GAPS intro.  They were never hungry and my daughter who was 18 months at the time actually threw tantrums when I stopped making soup for breakfast!

Both kids did extremely well and they both gained 5kgs.  This is just a quick post to direct you to my GAPS intro facebook album , answer some GAPS FAQs and to help inspire you in the kitchen on your healing journey.

People also often ask me to recommend reference material regarding GAPS.  I recommend you read the GAPS book by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride from cover to cover.  Doing GAPS is really hard work and reading the book is a great reference guide and motivator.  Dr Natasha’s blog, is a great free online resource too.  You can use control F to search the FAQ page.

I also highly recommend consultation with a GAPS practitioner during intro.  They are worth their weight in gold.  Here is a link to the directory of certified GAPS practitionersHeather Way and Jilliane Wheeler helped my family during intro and have both become good family friends.  GAPS Australia is another great online resource.  Linda Paterson is the founder of GAPS Australia, a GAPS mum and a certified GAPS practitioner too.

My last tip is to join a facebook group or other online GAPS support network.  You will most likely find these groups extremely valuable during Intro for recipes, tips and acting as a sounding board (and you’ll probably make some good friends too).

Good luck on your healing journey.  It’s a lot of work, but so worth it.

Katrina Kehoe