Creaming Kefir Soda

Just a little post to share a new secondary ferment kefir flavour that I’m absolutely loving.

I’m calling it Creaming Kefir soda because it is pretty close to creaming soda but a little tart, as kefir should be.  Well I think so anyway.  If you want it sweeter, just play with the ratios to get it right for you.

So I’m basically mixing as follows:

1500ml primary ferment kefir

250ml coconut water

250ml pomegranate juice

So that’s 3/4 primary ferment to 1/4 juice.

I’ve also changed my bottling technique since my last post from large screw top bottles to 375ml recycled clear glass beer bottles to provide individual serves (for optimal fizz).  You can get the caps and capper from your local home brew store.  My capper was $25.

Refer to my original kefir soda post for more specific instructions on timing and FAQs.