Sprouted Grain Flour


Sprouted flours are easier to digest and more nutritious than regular flour. Sprouting transforms the dormant grain into a living plant and actually creates vitamin content in particular B6 and folate and it actually creates vitamin C that wasn’t there at all before.   In addition to creating more vitamins it also breaks down phytic acid and other anti-nutrients in the grain so it doesn’t require further souring and you can use it in any quick recipe in place of regular flour.

I use a big glass jar, a large colander, filtered water and my dehydrator to sprout. No need to buy sprouting jars.


IMG_8437Place your grains in the large glass jar.

Fill jar to cover grains with plenty of filtered water. Make sure you choose a jar big enough to allow for some growth.  They wont grow much probably 10-20%.

Cover with a loose cloth and leave on bench to soak for 12-18 hrs, depending on your schedule.  There is no exact perfect time to use, remember you are just trying to replicate mother nature which is extremely variable.

Change water and rinse at half time if you’re around, if not, don’t worry.

Pour into the colander in batches, rinse well.

Tip out onto dehydrator sheets and spread out about 1-1.5cm high.

IMG_8439Don’t forget to use your paraflexx sheets as the grains can sometimes fall through the mesh.
Then place in dehydrator and leave it off until they just start to sprout if they didn’t already in the jar.

Check them every 3-5 hours and use your fingers to move them around on the edges where some might be drying, to ensure they stay moist until sprouted.

As soon as a tiny sprout pops out (see large jar pic at top of post), turn the dehydrator onto 41 deg and dry for 24 hrs.

Then pour into a freezer bag and freeze for 6hrs or overnight before grinding.

To grind, Pour 2 cups into Vitamix dry blade container, cover, grind on high for 1 minute.
Grind all the grains in batches and then store in the freezer to preserve the just sprouted nutrition.

Note: It is recommend all grains, nuts, seeds and coconut be frozen prior to grinding to allow fine high speed grinding without heat damaging the raw ingredients.