Crispy Chicken Skins & Drippings

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My boy is absolutely mad for fat and skin. He loves these chips. They are so much healthier than the packet trans fatty acid crisps at the shops and they are so simple to make. I get my organic chicken skins frozen from my local butcher for $8.99/kg.  They save the skins from skinless cuts like chicken breast, thighs and legs that would otherwise be wasted, shame.  This is a great way to use the whole bird, make some crisps and get some liquid gold organic dripping.  Read more about why we eat fats here under the fat paragraph.


1 kg of frozen or fresh organic chicken skin


Place frozen chicken skins in a slow cooker overnight or for around 8 hours on low until the skin is cooked and the majority of the fat is rendered out. If using fresh or defrosted skins place in the slow cooker in the morning so you can keep an eye on it as it should only take a few hours to render out the fat.

Place a large funnel into a glass jar and put a fine mesh sieve into the funnel. Pour the skins and fat into the sieve to drain the fat into the jar. Label and date the jar and keep in the fridge for cooking, it will last for a month or so. If there is broth in the bottom of the jar, once it’s cooled, scoop off the fat into a separate jar as it will keep longer than the broth. This broth will be super concentrated and gelatinous, drink it or use in cooking.

IMG_7499Spread out the cooked chicken skins on Paraflexx dehydrator sheets and dry for 24 hours at 68 deg C. You can add spices and sea salt now if you like, but we love it plain.

The chicken is cooked and edible straight from the crock, but the dehydrator cooks it further and drips out the rest of the fat making it crispy and dry.

We usually steal tastes straight from the dehydrator after around 5 hours – it’s hard not to when the house smells like chicken all day. There ends up being around 1/2 the original portion left at the end of the 24 hrs.

When finished pour the fat from Paraflex sheets into the dripping jar. Store the chicken skins in the fridge.