Sweet, Egg Free, EGGS


My daughter is egg intolerant so I decided to make her sweet eggs for Easter. We are currently on GAPS intro and luckily the few allowable ingredients worked a treat as they really are sweet. They are also very healing and nutritious:).


100ml spring or filtered water
100ml coconut cream yoghurt, or dairy yoghurt*
8 tsp Go Bio gelatin
100g slow roasted butternut
100g ghee*** at room temp.

Measure out yoghurt and set aside on bench to warm or in dehydrator at 37 deg C.

Place water in a small saucepan and sprinkle over gelatin. Use a small whisk to combine, leave for a few minutes and whisk again once all gelatin is softened.  Heat gently on stove to completely dissolve gelatin.  Set aside to cool to 37 deg C.

Blend ghee and butternut in a small food processor until smooth.

Combine jelly and yoghurt with whisk. If lumps form, whisk out.

Pour yoghurt jelly into egg moulds and place in freezer for 10 minutes. You should get about 10 half eggs from recipe.

Remove from freezer and use a sharp paring knife up cut a yolk circle about 5 mm into egg with knife tiled to ensure you don’t cut through egg.

Use a teaspoon to scoop out jelly semi-circle, then remove jelly egg from moulds (too delicate to remove once yolk are in) and place on a tray.

Use two teaspoons to scoop butternut filling into jelly. Then use fingers and/or silicone spatula to smooth yolk and scrape clean any spills from white. You will have excess butternut butter (yolk) as the required amount is too small to process well. Store excess in a jar in the fridge, give a tablespoon to the kids with their morning fermented cod liver oil, use it as a biscuit filling or spread into fresh chopped celery. It’s so yummy, I’m sure it won’t last long.

Place eggs in freezer for 10mins or fridge for 30 minutes to set.


*I used homemade 24hr coconut yoghurt, you can use any yoghurt, but the coconut yoghurt is naturally sweet so I’d suggest using vanilla flavoured if using dairy. Refer to my Coconut CREAM yoghurt recipe for how I make it.
*** Use yellow slow cooked ghee as it has a naturally sweet flavour. I used homemade. If you can’t have ghee, substitute with coconut oil or poultry fat but you may need to add a little honey to taste.