Peppermint GAPS Intro Jellies


These little jellies are great for kids on GAPS Intro as they contain no honey or fructose.  My GAPS Practitioner, Dr Heather Way, told me she used essential oil to make intro Jellies, so I came up with this recipe.  If not on Intro, feel free to add a little honey or maple syrup once mixture is at body temp.


300ml Spring or filtered water
4 Tbsp GoBio Gelatin (90ml)
1 drop of peppermint essential oil (food grade)


Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan.
Allow to rest for a minute to allow gelatin to soften.
Heat gently to until gelatin is melted.
Pour into silicon mould and set in freezer for 10 minutes or in fridge for 30 minutes before popping out of mould.
If you only have one mold, use the freezer and a timer so you can work fast to use up mixture before it sets in the saucepan. If it does set, just heat slightly to melt again.

Store in fridge.